My name is Ngoc, come from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
I am a web developer with over 5 year experiences. My degree in Software Development had leaded me to start my career as a software engineer for some IT out-sourcing companies (TMA Solutions, LARION Computing). At current, I work in a product company and become a part-time freelancer. I love web standards and open source technology, and I have spent most of my time to work with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap / Foundation, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP and WordPress respectively to cultivate deeper my knowledge in these standards.

lương bảo ngọc

Wordpress 64%

PHP 80%

AngularJS 56%

Javascipt, jQuery 79%

CSS 88%

I love programing, with me building a website like building a building, each site is one architechural work. So I always want to make my projects more beautiful, useful and steady...