In last week, I received an email notifcation that my hosting of personal blog - - was expired. I remember that I did not publish any contents on blog in a long time. It’s my bad but there are also some reasons that made me so lazy to write content for my blog and most of them are related with Wordpress platform.

Wordpress is GREAT but…

Below are some main reasons that make I moving my blog to HUGO

  • It take much time to publish a simple post by Wordpress. I could tell steps to publish a wordpress post for you:
    • Open browser, point to Admin Login Page
    • Try to login to your blog :))) - it’s funny but it’s real. I could not remember my login credentials. I think I noted it somewhere and 🤪🤪🤪
    • The Gutenberg editor - what’s it ??? I think a markdown editor is simple, fast and enough for me!
    • Attach the images to your post and then waiting the response ⌛️ - it sometimes will turn down your mood to continue writing the content
    • All done, press “Publish” button and… get “500 Internal Server Error” 🤬 - J4F
  • Wordpress have many great features but I never use them: Authentication, Plugins, Media Library…
  • 💰💰💰 I need to buy a hosting for my Wordpress blog. Actually there are many free hostings or we could use but none of them are make my blog working perfect as I expected. Free services uausally have many limitations and the up-time is not high.

I will use HUGO for my blog at this time

…because it is so simple and

  • I feel I could manage all my contents (images and markdown files) easily than Wordpress (PHP files + MySQL) 💪
  • I will write any contents by any applications that I used to use such as VIM, Sublime Text or VS Code.
  • The publish process is also simple, only use terminal and git push command, other processes are controlled by Netlify
  • I could save my money for keeping my blog online because both HUGO, Github and Netlify are FREE 🥰