Make your Desktop more awesome with Conky

Today during working, my system run too much slowly, so that I need an tool to monitor the system resources and kill some processes to gaint more memory. After search on Google, I found an tool named “Conky“. Conky is a graphical tool which displays system information to your screen in real time. You can… continue reading

5 tips to improve productivity with zsh

The Z shell known as zsh is a shell for Linux/Unix-like operating systems. It has similarities to other shells in the sh (Bourne shell) family, such as as bash and ksh, but it provides many advanced features and powerful command line editing options, such as enhanced Tab completion. It would be impossible to cover all… continue reading

OCS Store: New Linux Software Store

Brief: OCS Store allows you to search and install various Linux software, themes, icons etc that you might not even find in your distribution’s software center. One of the biggest selling points of desktop Linux, for me, is the centralized software distribution system. Ubuntu has Apt, Arch Linux has Pacman and Fedora’s got RPM. This… continue reading