20 Reasons Why You Should Use AngularJs

Over the past few years, Angularjs has emerged strong in the app world. Such is the case that the developers can’t even think of creating a spectacular single page application without Angularjs. What makes it indispensable is that it is an open source framework that supports highly advanced JavaScript framework and not only increases the… continue reading

A Javascript journey with only six characters

Javascript is a weird and wondeful language that lets us write some crazy code that’s still valid. It tries to help us out by converting things to particular types based on how we treat them. If we add a string to something, it’ll assume we want it in text form,

JavaScript Promises 102 – The 4 Promise Methods

As I covered in JavaScript Promises 101, a promise in JavaScript is an object that represents the result of an operation that hasn’t been completed yet, but will at some undetermined point in the future. The Promise object itself (i.e. not an object on the prototype) has four methods available to it – resolve() reject()… continue reading