9 awesome features in CSS

CSS has been around for a long time — since 1994 depending on who you ask — and has become the de facto standard for styling websites. New specs (like the new CSS4 modules) keep adding cool functionality with animations, transforms, box-shadows, and a smattering of new units and selectors. Awesome stuff, but those aren’t the properties we’ll be… continue reading

Checking if Font Awesome loaded

Icon fonts have become a widely-adopted visual asset on the web today and continue to grow in popularity. When your web page downloads resources — e.g., from a content delivery network (CDN) — you need to know if the HTTP request returned the files you requested. This is important whether it’s a JavaScript library, CSS… continue reading

jQuery Plugins for HTML responsive tables

HTML tables have a bad reputation. In the 1990’s and 2000’s, many web professionals would use tables for positioning text and images on web pages. Using tables for layout is bad, but unfortunately that message sometimes is shortened to “tables are bad,” which is not true at all. HTML tables should not be used for positioning on… continue reading