10 Best PHP Tools for Developers

PHP developers keep looking for useful and handy php tools which they can use to make their workflow and web related tasks easier, faster, and better. There are scads of php tools available over the internet for php developers, but finding an appropriate php tool is quite an arduous task and demands effort and time.… continue reading

Async/Await Will Make Your Code Simpler

Sometimes modern Javascript projects get out of hand. A major culprit in this can be the messy handling of asynchronous tasks, leading to long, complex, and deeply nested blocks of code. Javascript now provides a new syntax for handling these operations, and it can turn even the most convoluted asynchronous operations into concise and highly… continue reading

CSS Media Queries for iPads & iPhones

Many times I've had to design responsive websites targeting specific devices with CSS media queries, and not just base the break points from the site's content. Because of this, I've ended up with a somewhat large list of CSS media queries for typical devices over the past year or two. I've posted these media queries… continue reading

Monospaced Programming Fonts with Ligatures

Typographic ligatures are when multiple characters appear to combine into a single character. Simplistically, when you type two or more characters and they magically attach to each other, you're using ligatures that were supported by your OS, your app, and your font. I did a blog post in 2011 on using OpenType Ligatures and Stylistic… continue reading

15 chrome extensions for developers

Chrome has pretty advanced DevTools by itself. However, can we improve our developing experience by adding even more exciting features? Here are 15 of my favorite Chrome extensions. 1. Evernote Clipper Clip the web pages you want to keep. Save them in Evernote. Easily find them on any device. Use the Evernote extension to save… continue reading

Best extensions collection of VS Code

In a year lots have happened, I switched from doing PHP full time to doing JavaScript full time. With that change also came the change of editors professionally I mostly used WebStorm and in my spare time, I switched from Atom to Visual Studio Code.

Front End Job Interview Q&A Collection: CSS

Unlike typical software engineer job interviews, front end job interviews have less emphasis on algorithms and have more questions on intricate knowledge and expertise about the domain — HTML, CSS, JavaScript, just to name a few areas. While there are some existing resources to help front end developers in preparing for interviews, they aren’t as abundant as… continue reading

Build an Ionic App with User Authentication

With Okta and OpenID Connect (OIDC) you can easily integrate authentication into an Ionic application, and never have to build it yourself again. OIDC allows you to authenticate directly against the Okta Platform API, and this article shows you how to do just that in an Ionic application

10 free tools to improve your SEO

The optimization of a website is undoubtedly one of the major elements to take into account if you want to improve its visibility on the web. You certainly know, without SEO or SEO optimization , a website has little chance of attracting visitors. It is precisely because this point is so important that many free… continue reading