StoryWoolf is a new publishing platform and digital marketplace where user can buy and sell great writing. All users were both readers and authors. At StoryWoolf, authors receive a majority of the sale of their work and readers can know that they are directly supporting the art they love.

Hulo Backend

Hulo is an advertising application using mobile and beacon. In backend, administrator can import multiple beacons and assign to the Hulo’s customer (called Hulo client). Hulo Client can login to Hulo backend and assign beacon to product so that his/her customer receive a notification and see the product’s information via the mobile application while he/she… continue reading


BIDcarros is a car auction website with a difference, the service will invite Buyers to register, prepare a profile and submit a Bid to buy based upon the vehicle they wish to purchase, the bid is set with details such as Make, Model, Year, Color, etc. Sellers can submit a bids to sell (advertisements) containing… continue reading

Junior Explorers

Junior Explorers is responsive website that allow company to buy those physical mission for children. Parent can buy directly package for their children or use it as a gift for friends

Loyalty Web Cabinet

Loyalty web cabinet is a web application to promote the loyalty customer program for customers of a CRM system. Users can view their points, points history by chart, their coupons (new and old coupons), gifts (new and old gifts), product’s advices, manage their profiles and add/remove points from the cards of their family members, and… continue reading

Dcorp Global Ltd. is a informative website to introduce the company to their customer.

Ko-do is just a informative website to introduce the company, services and products to their customer.

Virbac Management Tool

This project is to build a web application to manage project dossiers. Three types of project dossiers will be managed in the application, normal project, transferred project, licensing project. Additionally, another tool using for expense management is also included in this project scope.


This project is to build a new website named for Tehostaja Service Ltd. is a service for great discounted deals on hotel & lodging and packages containing accommodation and on-site services (such as taxi transportation, dinners on tour…).