post2Groups (FB MassPost)

This is an extension for Google Chrome, allow user post a message with link or media attachments to multiple groups on Facebook.

You can use this tool for advertising online.

This tool was renamed from “FB MassPost” due to some issues with Facebook’s Platform Policy.

Đây là công cụ tự động dành cho trình duyệt Chrome, giúp post nhiều bài đăng lên các group facebook 1 cách nhanh chóng, rất phù hợp với các bạn bán hàng online bận rộn không có thời gian quảng cáo trên các fanpage.


Change Log

Version 2.1 (24 Sep, 2017)

  • Change “Get Started” page
  • Fix bug when posting message to groups (status did not updated)
  • Unlock more slots by sharing extension on Facebook

Version 2.0 (25 Aug, 2017)

  • Rename to “post2Groups”
  • Remove list pages from target.
  • Update new function to get and send post to Facebook Groups
  • Send native notifications with Chrome

Version 1.1.83 (3 Aug, 2017)

  • Rename to “post It!” due to some issues with Facebook’s Platform Policy.

Version 1.1.58 (13 May, 2017)

  • Store user session data on cloud
  • Add limited for standard users:
    • maximum 10 targets per request
    • up waiting time per each request to 6 hours