Crafting a site with Hugo static site generator is appealing because of its brute speed, build time, and deployment flexibility. The user base of this platform is growing rapidly with various categories such as blogging, documentation, corporate, and even eCommerce. Hugo themes come into play in this context to fulfill the needs of various sorts of users.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to make your own Hugo site that is unique and precisely matches your objective. Forget about handling complex CMS, plugin & database dependencies. Hugo provides you with a huge variety of themes for whatever kind of website you want to create.

We’ve hand-picked some of the Top Hugo Themes for 2022 for your convenience. You may choose the one that best meets your requirements based on your goals, inventiveness, and practicality. Let’s buckle up and take a look at 100+ Best Hugo Themes that you can utilize to craft an outstanding website.

Hugo Blog Themes

Logbook - Best Hugo Blog Theme

logbook hugo multi-purpose blog theme

Looking for a highly configurable blog theme for Hugo that is ideal for any creative blog site? Then logbook is the theme to choose! This theme offers everything that you need to run a successful blog site. It offers a variety of homepage layouts, enabling you to build a one-of-a-kind blog that stands out from the crowd.

Since Logbook is integrated with Snipcart, you can sell your products besides managing your blog contents. Because this unique theme comes with eCommerce features. The page speed score of this theme is 90+, which must be highlighted. So, look no further if you seek a complete package that will make your blogging journey a breeze.

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reader hugo blog theme

The Reader is a multi-author Hugo blog theme with a stunning design. This theme is suitable for a variety of blog formats that you prefer. The style and structure made it ideal for culinary & fashion blogs. But you can create other blog site niches, including a personal blog, creative blog, technology blog, and so on.

Reader - premium Hugo theme enables you to think less about coding and focus more on creating a unique blogging experience. You will get 9 Homepage layout variations, Contact form integration, Category, tag summary, search option, and so on.

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gojournal hugo blog template

GoJournal is a minimalist Hugo magazine theme. The design of this theme is really clean, and it primarily focuses on readability. The hero area includes an attractive slider where you can present your featured article.

Moreover, you can represent your blog posts via a two-column grid view using this theme. Craft your own personal blogging site easily with this theme. The multilingual feature and Forestry CMS integration will give you a flexible blog management environment.

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galaxy dark hugo blog theme

Galaxy is an out-of-the-box dark Hugo theme for blog sites that offers a multitude of features. This highly customizable theme has a large feature image section representing a photoblog or adventure. With this lucrative theme, you can share your personal opinion with the readers and subscribers.

It offers a fantastic homepage layout with menu options on the left. The main page represents the timestamp and post category of the featured post. Furthermore, the author bio section, forms, and post highlights are all amazing.

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revolve premium bootstrap blog template

Revolve is a minimal Hugo blog theme that comes with a simple color combination and a well-structured format. This Hugo theme is aimed at photographers and media practitioners who want to create a personal blog site.

With a simple design structure and a clean appearance, it’s a great theme for any creative blog. The theme showcases the contents, including a large image and lucrative typography. Your site visitors will enjoy reading your content without being dazzled by anything redundant.

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nebula hugo personal blog website theme

Searching for a unique theme to establish your portfolio site? Explore Nebula, this personal portfolio theme offer massive image-based list pages and cover images. This theme is specifically designed to represent your expertise and thoughts.

Visitors of your site may choose between the light and dark modes offered by this theme. The site is devoted only to showcasing large-scale pictures of your portfolio’s contents. With varying colors, you can differentiate between numerous blog categories. In addition, form implementation is handled by Mailchimp and, while content management is handled by Netlify and Forestry.

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parsa hugo personal blog template

Parsa is yet another attractive Hugo portfolio theme ideal for showcasing any personal portfolio site. This theme underlines the visual components rather than the contents. The major feature of this theme is its simple and uncluttered user interface.

The theme offers two variants of the home page, an about page, and a contact page. Apart from these, it includes an efficient search bar for the readers to find their preferred content. So, if you are a professional service provider and have a passion for blogging, Parsa is one of the best Hugo themes for you.

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touchy hugo blog theme

Are you looking for a blog theme that loads quickly and can be discovered easily by search engines? Touchy is the minimal Hugo theme built with the best SEO practices in mind, ensuring that your blog looks amazing and performs effectively.

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bookworm hugo personal blog theme

The Bookworm is a basic yet contemporary Hugo blog theme that can be used to portray any kind of blogging website. It’s an ideal design for representing any blog genre such as lifestyle, photography, travel, health & fitness, and so on.

Search engines are likely to favor this theme because of its lightning-fast speed and SEO-friendly layout. You will get 10 different web pages and 2 distinctive Homepage layouts. When it comes to the blog page, it provides every essential element such as search functionality, featured image slider, categories, tags, etc.

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reporter blog hugo theme

When it comes to personal Hugo blog themes, the Reporter is the best of its kind with a classic design. Moreover, it offers a clean look and straightforward functionality. This theme is well-balanced with a carefully crafted design pattern that offers an extraordinary blogging experience.

The theme catches visitors' focus through its aesthetics and features, enabling you to personalize your blog rapidly. A minimalist architectural motif was rigorously constructed for passionate bloggers of any industry. Moreover, the peripheral components were omitted to reduce any distraction.

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papermod hugo theme

Looking for a clean, simple Hugo blog theme? Papermod is a free Hugo blog theme that is ideal for those looking for a simple method to express their ideas and writings on the web. Papermod’s basic design focuses on making your contents shine.

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ananke hugo theme

Ananke is a minimal Hugo theme for blog sites that offers three pages including About, Article, and Content. You may also add social media icons to your menu items. A large hero area is available to display your highlighted content. Furthermore, you have the option of displaying all of your content on the homepage according to your preferences.

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Clean White

clean white hugo blog theme

Clean white is a minimalistic but feature-rich Hugo blog theme that’s perfect for showcasing a personal blog. The design of this theme is mostly white, which corresponds to its name. It contains seven pages and a search option that reflects your blog as a whole. You may also organize your menu by post type and make your publication available online.

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Hello Friend

hello friend hugo blog theme

Hellow Friend is a basic blog theme that is powered by Hugo. It covers all of the aspects that should be included in a blog theme. This blog theme makes it simple to display your thoughts via content.

The default dark mode gives off a distinct mood, which you may change to light mode at any moment. Because of the design pattern and typography, visitors will have an excellent reading experience.

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mainroad hugo blog theme

Mainroad is a Hugo theme that is inspired by MH Magazine’s light WordPress theme. It’s a simple and clean theme that is responsive and content-focused.

The theme has a primary and secondary menu, widget sidebar, language translation, and more features. It offers Hugo internal template supports including Open Graph, schema, Twitter cards, Google analytics, and more. You can personalize this theme with the configurable theme settings.

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saarter kaldi hugo theme

Kaldi is a basic but distinctive Hugo business theme that can be used to promote any business. The theme offers seven web pages including a blog page to represent contents  You can conveniently display your items, manage subscriptions, highlight current deals, and make appointments.

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terminal hugo theme

If you’re looking for a blog theme with a creative appearance and feel and several basic features, Terminal is for you. It comes with five duotone colors (orange, red, blue, green, and pink) that you may modify to your satisfaction. The monospaced Fira code font is used in the theme, and it looks fantastic. Overall,  the design is both responsive and mobile-friendly.

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xmin hugo theme

Hugo Xmin theme was created to offer a very basic example to Hugo template learners. With five separate pages, the theme has a minimal amount of code. Though the theme uses a limited amount of CSS, a small bit of CSS customization can drastically alter the design.

Despite the fact that it is a Hugo minimalist theme, it is perfectly functional. You can easily include LaTeX math equations with a little tweaking.

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Hugo Portfolio Themes

Academia - Hugo Resume Theme

academia hugo online resume theme

Want to create a perfect academic resume site? Academia is an excellent solution for that. It’s a feature-rich Hugo resume theme that is perfect for crafting your personal portfolio site. Simply showcase your work expertise & experience with this SEO-friendly responsive theme.

The theme is cross-browser supported and fits in every type of display size. With this single-page site, you can effectively showcase your accomplishment, capabilities, and publications in multiple categories.

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Kross - Best Hugo Portfolio Theme For Designers

kross best free hugo portfolio theme

Kross is a Hugo portfolio website theme with a lovely illustration. It’s one of the best Hugo themes for creating any kind of design-related professional portfolio website.

This theme has practically all of the necessary sections for a portfolio site, such as a portfolio gallery, about us, blog, contact us, blog single page, and so on. The most incredible part is that it was created under the MIT license by Themefisher. Therefore, you can implement this theme any way you want, and you can customize it to fit your project’s needs.

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GoFolium - Hugo Publication Theme

hugo publication theme gofolium

Gofolium is a completely responsive, dark-themed Hugo publication theme. This single-page design is great for scholars, scientists, and researchers who want to create academic portfolio web pages.

Use this well-structured theme to depict your job experiences and achievements. The theme includes sections such as a brief introduction, CV, research, and projects, among others.

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phantom best hugo portfolio website template

Phantom is a Hugo portfolio theme that is both sleek and innovative. This fantastic design is ideal for people who wish to advertise and display their artistic endeavors. It’s distinguished by a stunning black interface with an intriguing look.

Phantom has amazing visuals and personalized icons. This theme’s main page includes sections such as welcome, about, service, resume, job, testimonial, and contact info. Furthermore, this fantastic Hugo theme is mobile-friendly. In brief, the phantom gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to sharing your work with others.

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KeepIt - Hugo Theme

keepIt minimal hugo blog theme

KeepIt is a Hugo blog theme that is clean, beautiful, and simple but not too basic. It is inspired by the original [LeaveIt](KeepIt is a Hugo blog theme that is clean, beautiful, and simple but not too basic. It is inspired by the original LeaveIt theme. The theme offers amazing page speed on both mobile and desktop devices. It’s an SEO-friendly theme with features like language support, Google Analytics, Disqus comments, Gravatar, dark and light mode, and more.) theme. The theme offers amazing page speed on both mobile and desktop devices. It’s an SEO-friendly theme with features like language support, Google Analytics, Disqus comments, Gravatar, dark and light mode, and more.

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sustain hugo theme

Sustain is a Hugo portfolio theme with a simple yet appealing design. Though the theme seems to be very basic, it provides all the necessary functionality to create a personal blog site. Syntax highlighting can be turned on in the front matter. Also, you can enable or disable the Comment section via Disqus comments as well as Google Analytics to keep track of important data of your site.

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osprey hugo theme

Osprey is a simple Hugo Portfolio theme with a minimalistic design. The theme has a large gallery display area where you can showcase your work. The theme is designed to be very responsive and SEO-friendly.

This lightning-fast theme includes Disqus comments for the comments section and Formspree and Basin for the forms section. You will also be able to integrate Google Analytics, OpenGraph, and Twitter. Besides the CSS and JS files are minimized using Cachebusting hash.

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Hugo Documentation Themes

GoDocs - Best Hugo Documentation Theme

godocs best hugo documentation theme

GoDocs is a premium Hugo documentation theme ideal for managing your content and documentation. It is one of the most well-designed Hugo themes in the Hugo ecosystem, with a gorgeous user interface. You can also develop SAAS, a software showcase, and a service-based website in addition to the documentation site.

The theme is entirely responsive, so it looks great on any screen size. Also, the theme comes with 4 alternative homepage variations, giving you additional options for how you showcase your data. Besides, multilingual support allows you to translate the language. Furthermore, owing to the enhanced search capability, your site users will be able to discover their preferred document instantly.

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Dot - Best Hugo Theme For Documentation

dot best hugo documentation theme

Dot is a minimalist but professional Hugo documentation theme with a clean design. All of the features devoted to creating a documentation theme can be found here. This theme’s homepage has sections for Installation, Billing & Pricing, and Features. It’s also a multilingual theme that gives you language translation capabilities. Additionally, the eye-catching contact form and FAQ pages add to the template’s excellence.

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Learn - Hugo Documentation Theme

learn hugo documentation theme

Hugo Learn is a professional and flat Hugo documentation theme that you can use for personal and business blogging as well. This robust theme has a stunning font or typography that is both elegant and easily readable.

Unlimited menu levels, automated search, and multilingual mode are all included in the theme. When using this theme, you can resize the images and add a shadow effect to make them more attractive. Because the theme is entirely customizable, you can also make a mermaid diagram and add it efficiently.

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Docsy - Technical Documentation Theme

docsy technical documentation hugo theme

Docsy is a pre-configured Hugo theme that is primarily intended for technical documentation. It includes all essential functionalities and elements to craft a technical documentation site. Easily create your own documentation site by getting an optional blog area and then include technical content in it.

Additionally, Docsy provides an example site that is pre-configured with many Docsy features and essential site structure. For a huge collection of technical documentation, you can copy the entire site and alter it based on your project requirements.

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DocuAPI - Multilingual API Documentation Hugo Theme

docuapi hugo documentation theme

Hugo’s DocuAPI theme is a stunning multilingual API documentation theme. It is based on Robert Lord and the excellent work on the Slate project (Apache 2 License).  The Jquery in this theme has been recently replaced by AlpineJS in the JS section.

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Doks - Modern Hugo Documentation Theme

doks hugo documentation theme

Doks is a Hugo theme designed for producing secure, fast, and SEO-friendly documentation sites. The theme is easy to update and adjust to the needs of the user.

This theme is pre-configured with all the Netlify functions, redirects, and headers. The integrated FlexSearch allows you to search your Doks and you can change the index settings as well as search parameters. Also, you will be getting dark mode with one click and customize the color of the theme to fit your branding.

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Kube - Hugo Theme for Developers and Designers

kube developer hugo theme

Kube is a sophisticated and responsive Hugo theme designed specifically for designers and developers. A documentation section, landing page, and blog are the primary sections of this theme.

This theme comes with a Horizontal rhythm that contains a 4px vertical grid. The beautiful typography of this minimal theme will surely attract visitors. Also, you will get cross-browser support within this mobile-first template.

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paper hugo theme

Paper is a simple, clean, and responsive Hugo blog theme. You can easily personalize this theme according to your imagination. The theme basically comes with very minimal and basic features in the demo version.

For user convenience, the theme contains a markdown syntax guide, rich content, and placeholder text information. The menu section is pretty basic, and you can interchange the color of the theme into dark and light modes.

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whisper hugo theme

Whisper is a minimalistic Hugo documentation theme with great functionality. This template is designed to display all of your projects on the homepage. Furthermore, the theme has stunning typography, lightning-fast performance, mobile adaptability, and a comprehensive documentation section.

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compose hugo theme

Compose is a Hugo theme for documentation webpages that was inspired by the docs page of The theme has straightforward navigation and structure.

The theme contains a proper documentation section for the users. For media management, it offers full-blown gallery support. Furthermore, you will be getting a live search option, piechart & flowchart support, searchable and sortable tables, mermaid support, and many more.

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Hugo Landing Page Themes

Agico - Hugo Landing Page Template

hugo landing page template

Agico is one of the best Bootstrap-based Hugo landing page themes. But you can use this mobile responsive theme for multiple purposes. You will always see increased visitor interaction and potential leads while using this SEO-friendly template.

The theme generally offers multilingual support, Google maps, a smart search option along with developer-friendly documentation. The pre-integrated forestry and Netlify setup make the theme management process very easy.  The agility of the web pages created by the theme is obviously incredible

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Andromeda - Hugo Software Landing Page Theme

andromeda - hugo saas landing page

Andromeda is a versatile SaaS theme that can be used to showcase any SaaS-based business or product. This beautiful theme may be used to create a website for any marketing agency, organization, or corporation that wants to incorporate a comprehensive blog on its website.

The theme has 15+ distinct pages to help you create the best SaaS site. On Google PageSpeedinsight, the website created with this theme received a score of 98. This multilingual theme comes with pre-configured Netlify and Forestry CMS settings.

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Copper - Hugo Sass Landing Page Theme

copper hugo sass landing page theme

Copper is an outstanding Hugo theme that offers a noteworthy combination of text, graphics, and white spaces for any SaaS landing page website. The captivating layouts and amazing visuals provide the ideal display surface for your web application.

It also comprises text, images, and testimonial sections that are adequate to promote any product in front of prospective customers. Users can customize your site without any coding expertise thanks to the sophisticated theme option.

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Small Apps - Hugo App Landing Theme


The Small App offers a straightforward and clean UI that is free of needless components. It stands out from the competition because of the stunning visual transitional effect. This multipage template contains About, team, blog, career, contact, privacy, and FAQ pages.

Every page has a well-organized layout and a clean user interface. For example, the blog page enables you to organize and post articles to share the most up-to-date facts and expertise with your audience. Small App also allows you to hire specialists according to your needs through the Carrier page.

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GoSaas - Hugo SAAS Landing Page Template

gosass hugo saas landing page template

GoSaas is a visually appealing, clutter-free Hugo SaaS landing page template. This theme is great for any website with a wide range of features. You may use it to efficiently promote your SaaS startup company, web application, software, or IT service website.

The theme has sections for displaying the number of completed tasks, the number of users, and other data. Overall, it’s a feature-rich theme that can be used to design any business-related website that is decent.

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Dtox - Hugo Saas Landing Page

dtox best hugo theme

Dtox is a unique Hugo SaaS theme that comes with eye-catching visual effects and commercial emphasis. This theme’s modern layout is ideal for business, accounting, financial, and corporate websites.

This super responsive theme’s pre-designed sections provided a better user experience for your site’s visitors. This is because this theme’s seven unique pages may effectively depict all business-related information. For example, you can easily showcase your team members, and service packages, and gather leads through the newsletter section.

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Infinity - Coming Soon Hugo Theme

infinity coming soon hugo theme

Infinity is a single-page template that features a fun fact counter, contact form, features showcase, newsletter, and so on. There are sections to represent any info about the event, project, or site that you are attempting to work on.

Due to extensive customizability, you can modify all the components via configuration. Therefore, you can create your landing page within a few minutes. Besides, subscription & registration forms, MailChimp support, and forestry integration are established.

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Fresh - Hugo Landing Page Theme

fresh hugo theme

Hugo’s Fresh SaaS landing page template has a basic design yet includes all of the most important functions you need. On CSS Ninja, Bulma is also highlighted as a lovely theme. Your software, online app, or IT services will all look great with this theme. The theme comes with a beautiful menu, seven pages, and a soothing color scheme that is used across the whole site.

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Hugo Business & Agency Themes

Bigspring - Digital Agency Website Hugo Theme


BigSpring is one of the best Business Hugo themes or agency themes designed elegantly. It’s an ideal template to design your startup, SaaS-based software, It’s a ready-to-implement theme that comes with 19 distinct pages that are designed with care.

every section of this super responsive theme is straightforward and engaging. With this excellent theme, you may incorporate complex features and several locations on your website. The theme is the best fit for different business agencies and business services websites. The theme offers a well-organized landing page, blog page, pricing page, contact form, and more.

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Meghna - Hugo One Page Theme

meghna one page hugo theme

Meghan is one of the best Hugo themes that has over 1200+ forks on Github. This gloomy theme comes with everything you need to showcase your commercial, corporate, or creative solution website. This theme’s major elements enable you to emphasize video, information, portfolio, offers, accomplishments, team members, price, and so on.

The theme has a fully functional blog area that keeps prospective clients up to speed on your latest projects, events, and corporate announcements. The huge slider welcomes all visitors and piques their curiosity right away. It’s also a device-optimized template that you can easily

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Educenter - Hugo Education Website Theme

educenter hugo education website theme

Educenter is a Hugo theme that is ideal for educational websites of any sort. This elegant theme includes everything you need to display institutional info, course info, instructor information, announcements, and more. By traveling through this well-organized theme, visitors may simply learn about the institution and get course materials.

By allowing registered users quick access to the site, Educenter provides a seamless educational Educenter delivers a smooth educational administration platform by enabling registered users rapid access to the site. The site provides the most recent changes in seconds to both administrators and public users. As a result, controlling an educational institution’s overall business becomes simpler. The best feature is that this theme may be integrated with any well-known learning management system.

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Restaurant - Hugo Restaurant Website Theme

free best hugo theme for restaurant

The restaurant is a very simple and professional Hugo template. It’s ideal for a hotel, restaurant, or any other comparable establishment. Because the Restaurant is a single-page Hugo template, you can put all your business-related essential information on one page. The primary sections of this template are About Us, Blog, Price, News, and Contact Us.

This design is appealing because of the sticky menu bar and innovative layouts. Furthermore, the template is user-friendly and simple to modify. It is cross-browser compatible and adaptable to a variety of devices.

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Delta - SAAS Hugo Theme

delta - saas hugo theme

Delta is a gorgeous Hugo SaaS theme that is packed with all essential features. It is an ideal theme for presenting SaaS-based business sites, mobile apps, digital products or services, etc.

This theme depicts a wonderful website, and it is big in terms of speed. Because of the language support, you may promote your product information globally.  Also, you can switch between dark and bright modes with ease.  Also, this SEO-optimized time is CMS-integrated.

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Biztrox - Multipage Premium Hugo Theme

biztrox premium hugo theme

Biztrox is a minimalistic Hugo Business theme that offers a clean interface. It’s a perfect theme for crafting any commercial or corporate site, creative agency, or financial service website. With a stylish appearance, Biztrox also comes with robust features that will keep the site buzzing for users.

Regardless of the type of service that you provide, the theme can ideally represent it. Other than 14 different pages, there are three homepage variants that you can interchange anytime. There are other noteworthy elements such as appealing visuals, smooth slider, stylish buttons, and more. Also, you will get comprehensive documentation that will considerably reduce your project duration.

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Find 60+ Premium Hugo Themes On Gethugothemes

Enov - Multipurpose Hugo Theme

enov multipurpose hugo theme

Enov is a uniquely crafted Hugo Business website theme with a superb user experience that is adaptable and multi-purpose. This amazing template is ideal for establishing any corporate or business agency website due to its simple yet effective design.

You can see smooth animations throughout the theme. It’s ideal for highlighting your business’s services, portfolio, testimonial, pricing list, and video popups.  Get a fully-featured blog, sophisticated search tools & forms ( If you are eager to convey your business’s message to potential and existing clients. Enov is your template.

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Orbitor - Hugo Best Software Company Website Template

orbitor hugo software company website template

Orbitor is a high-end Hugo theme ideal for crafting business websites but it’s specifically built for software and technology enterprises, and startups. You will get a tidy and minimalistic design in this theme.

All the pages and features are well equipped to build your next company or business website. Due to the quick loading speed, you will get a huge opportunity to rank high in the search engines. Visitors will surely enjoy surfing your site due to its highly efficient and smooth user interface. Therefore, showcasing your product or service becomes much easier with the help of this template.

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Vixcon - Hugo Event and Conference Theme

vixcon hugo event and conference template

Vixcon is a modern Hugo event and conference theme ideal for promoting events, festivals, meetups, conferences, and so on. The landing page of this theme is one of the key elements that serves its purpose genuinely.

The theme offers a section for the guest speakers, seat reservations, pricing, blog and single page, contact page, and more. In brief, the Vixcon theme gives you everything that you need to create your event website.

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Timer - Hugo Business Theme

timer hugo business theme

Timer Hugo is a free business theme that comes in a clean, professional, and organized way. It gives you the finest elements to showcase your work examples in the finest format possible. The home page includes a  stunning split-screen slider that attracts visitors the most.

You won’t have to worry about your site’s adaptability using Timer Hugo. You may be a photographer, web designer, or any other kind of creative person. But when it comes to website solutions, use TImer Hugo without looking for any further options.

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Airspace - Hugo Theme For Agency

airspace hugo agency theme

Airspace Hugo offers a modern appearance that ensures both flexibility and versatility. This theme can be tailored to create any business site including marketing agencies, photography studios, development firms, and more.

The fast-loading template works fine in all popular browsers. You will get eight distinct pages including portfolio, support, service, contact, and more. Try out the free version of this theme, see how well it works for your company, and then consider expanding.

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RedLab - Hugo IT Company Theme

redlab hugo it company template

Showcase your online portfolio with all your work examples via the RedLab theme. It offers you a carefully designed portfolio, contact page, blog page, blog single page, and more. Also, you will get multilingual support and a fully functional search option.

To get the full potential, simply purchase it and customize it to your liking. The experts at Gethugothemes are eager to help you apply this theme to its full potential.

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WishFund - Hugo NGO & Charity Website Theme

wishfund hugo ngo charity website theme

Charity website is essential to expand the operations of modern-day charitable organizations and foundations. WishFund is a Hugo NGO website theme that is perfect for promoting your charitable organization and increasing the audiences and building a good reputation among them.

Ten distinct pages of this theme are excellent for fundraising sites, charity websites, NGOs, and other charitable agency websites. Visitors may access financial information, and organizational personnel, read case studies and learn more about the organization and its operations via the site. The efficiency of this theme lies in proper representation of the fundraising purpose and easy access to the contribution or volunteer page.

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IceLab - Hugo Creative Agency Theme

Icelab hugo creative agency template

IceLab is a commercial Hugo theme crafted to reflect any business or artist’s aesthetic portfolio. The theme includes unique animation with seamless transitions and eye-catching parallax effects. Moreover, the fast loading time of this theme is really appreciable.

IceLab’s professionally produced typography will make visitors enjoy viewing your portfolio. This theme’s large images provide a fascinating viewing experience. For the content part of this theme, a new custom post type has been created. You may quickly create a post and use frontmatter to customize specific criteria and show all of your content.

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Bexer - Business Hugo Theme

bexer hugo business theme

Bexer is a modern and versatile Hugo business theme that comes with a sleek interface. No matter the type of service that you provide, Bexer Hugo can make the perfect website for that. The template contains Home, About, service, Blog, Team, Contact, and project pages.

This theme’s homepage contains a service portfolio, a three-column price category, and more. The resourceful footer section contains five menu options with social sharing buttons. Moreover, there is a newsletter subscription form to collect more leads. However, the theme offers a responsive design that works fluently across a multitude of devices and browsers. So, If you are looking for a basic yet effective business template for your site, check out this theme.

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Agen - Hugo Agency Portfolio Template

agen hugo agency portfolio template

Agen is a colorful and appealing Hugo template that will refresh your mind instantly. This theme features a unique color combination with a crisp outlook. This fantastic template is ideal for startups, corporations, and agencies.

The template contains About, service, project, and contact pages. Besides, the Blog, career, FAQs, pricing, and team pages are also mentionable pages. The overall design pattern and structure of the site make it special.

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navigator responsive hugo template

The material design of Google is becoming more popular every day among web developers. Navigator is one of the best Hugo themes that is based on material design and is best for creating Business and corporate sites.

You will get an impressive loading time while using this template that fits fine both on desktop and mobile devices. It features a highly customizable structure that is centered on content and usability. It contains 8 pre-defined sections including Work Process, Clients, Portfolio, Team, Testimonial, Blog, Pricing, and Contact.

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Gohugo Amp - Hugo Starter Theme

gohugo amp hugo starter theme

Gohugo Amp is a starter Hugo theme for Google’s AMP project and it’s a simple theme to utilize. More than 40 shortcodes, partials, and structured data are all included in this theme, making it easy to include AMP elements within your content or your design.

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Hugo E-Commerce Themes

Vex - Hugo Product Landing Theme

vex landing page hugo theme

Vex is a Hugo theme based on bootstrap 4 and is ideal to craft a single product landing page. It’s a responsive theme that comes with a mobile-friendly and trendy design. With this theme, you can easily turn your visitors into potential customers.

Vex has a cool slider effect for viewing similar products on your site. This single product landing page will enable you to easily display your product and showcase customer reviews. This multilingual theme comes with 7 distinct pages.

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Hargo- Hugo Ecommerce Website Theme

hargo hugo ecommerce website template

Previously it was tough to make an eCommerce site using the Hugo theme since there weren’t any reliable themes to create one. However, Gethugothemes introduces the Hargo theme to the Hugo ecosystem, which is an excellent theme for creating an eCommerce site. It’s a single-product website template with all of the pages and features needed to build a fully working eCommerce site.

Since it is built on bootstrap, you won’t need to worry about the responsiveness issue. The minimal and clean design is meant to present your data perfectly to the customers. This  SEO-friendly theme is highly customizable and comes in both free and premium versions. You can get the theme from Gethugotheme’s official site or report any issue on the Themefisher GitHub page.

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Adrian- Hugo E-Commerce Theme

adrian ecommerce hugo theme

Adrian is a nicely designed Hugo eCommerce theme that is packed with adequate eCommerce features. You can showcase your preferred or the best products using a carousel at the top position of your site. Just below the hero slider area, you can display the rest of your products with images.

All the essential eCommerce features with a perfectly designed search bar are also available. Everything comes within a contemporary theme that gives you a soothing look and feel. Most, importantly, it gives you a fully working shopping cart due to Snipcart, allowing you to quickly set up your online store.

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Planty - Free E-commerce Hugo Theme

planty theme

Planty is an eCommerce Hugo theme for the Stakbit and offers a stunning design. It’s built with Snipcart and works perfectly with the shopping cart of Stackbit.

Any site crafted with this theme can be implemented to sell products online in Stackbit’s eCommerce environment. You will be having access to all essential features that you need including product listing, classification FAQ, etc.

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Tranquilpeak - Hugo Responsive Theme

tranquilpeak hugo theme

Tranquilpeak is a gorgeous Hugo blog theme that is entirely responsive. This device-optimized theme has a sidebar menu that can be customized. Pages for filtering tags, categories, and archives are available in it.

In this highly configurable theme, you can quickly insert a background cover image. The design of the About page is exceptional. Furthermore, you will have i18 support, which will enable you to alter the theme’s language.

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Wrapping Up

If you’ve made it this far, we’re assuming you’ve already chosen a theme and are getting ready to develop your site. There are so many different themes on the market that it’s easy to become lost.

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, you don’t want to construct a site with a slow loading speed and a design that is difficult to customize. This is where we’ve reduced your workload by creating a list of 100+ Hugo themes. It may take some time to pick from our extensive collection, but you will eventually find the ideal solution for your needs in one spot.